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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sex With Hot Office Mate

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I am Aman an engineer working in NCR. I am 5'8" with good looks and good physique and good sense of humor. I won’t force any reader to believe it though, but for me it was a memory for lifetime. It was my first day in my company and i saw a beautiful girl in pink top and blue jeans. let me tell her asset. She was 36/26/34. Her breast was big and it can make any man to stare at her breast.

Let me now focus on story. When I entered the office we stared at each other and then she went to her cabin. I went to my boss and introduced myself and he then gave me work. Everyday I go to office and we stare at each other. Then she went to on holidays and came back after some days. To my surprise I saw her in a red saree , red lipstick and a bit makeup and she was married she came to me a gave me sweets and a sweet smile. I was disappointed at that time and congrats her in return with a smile. Then one of my office mate told that she is married to a NRI and her husband is in A****** and she will be going soon with him.

I was disappointed and even my dick was also disappointed. but one day when i was having lunch she came and sat beside me and we shared greeting. We became friends soon and shared a lot about each other’s life. I used to tease her as she was newly wedded and now we were very close to each other. One day she had a scar on her face and I teased her saying “Oh My God, you and your hubby are very wild. I can clearly see your wildness” And she smiled and then told me that it’s not like that her hubby is abroad and scar on her face is due to mosquito bite.

Later I asked her when she would be going abroad. She said she don’t know not my mind start running very fast and sharp now my intentions were different now we used to sit together for long hours and even after the office timings. One day we both were working and she asked me to go for a ride on her scooty after the office I agreed and we went on a ride as I have cat and I don’t have bike. I was holding her from behind and we were very close then suddenly I went near to her ear and kissed on her ear. And something happened to her and she lost balance and we felt.

A few injuries came to both of us and she was now looking at me with different look. I could not understand her that look and I got scared. Now I told her to sit behind me and hold me. She was holding me a bit tight and I was applying brakes to feel her smooth boobs. We reached at her house in no time and I said her to drop me to office to pick my car but she said she will go after a cup of coffee and I agreed after the coffee she showed me her knee and it was bit peeled off and told me that its paining. So i asked her to apply some balm on it and she agreed.

Now when i was applying balm on that she closed her eyes and I heard her moaning very slowly. i got encouragement and started rubbing her thighs and now she started enjoying it but to confirm her sex appeal. I got a plan and I asked her for the bathroom she told me the way and I went to bathroom and started undressing myself. I noticed the that she is peeping through the key hole and I started rubbing my manhood now I heard something and I thought she was fingering her pussy. I suddenly opened the door and she was stunned to see me naked.

She closed her eyes and stood still there now it was my turn. i took her hand which she was using for fingering and licked her fingers it was tasty and aura was awesome. then i took her in my arm and took he to the bedroom she was still closing her eyes and i gave a kiss on her cheeks and then on lips she responded back very passionately and we were lip lock for about 20 mins. Then I started undressing her now she was in her black panty and bra she was looking like a sex goddess and I could not control myself and started kissing her vigorously.

I unhook her bra and staring kissing her one boobs and squeezing the other boob with my hand and pinched her nipple and she was moaning loudly and my dick got hardened more n more. Now she tool my dick her in hand and squeezed it badly and it pained to me. She then said “i was waiting for it for a long time and now you are going to tear my pussy fuck me hard and I want to enjoy with you a lot today.” I was happy hearing this and said, honey am all yours and u can do whatever you want.

Then gave me a blowjob and i was in seventh heaven and she was a perfect cock sucker and after 10 mins of sucking I was about to come but i asked her to wait and took my tool from her mouth she looked at me in anger but I asked her to lay on bed and started kissing her navel and stared going down it was all hairy and I asked her to go to bathroom with a razor and shaving cream. I took her to bathroom and shaved her pussy and while shaving her was moaning heavily now I filled the bathtub and asked her to lay in that and I then lifted her ass with my hand started kissing her pussy.

Bathroom was filled with her moans and after 15 mins of sucking she threw all her juices on my face and she was bit satisfied and she begged me to fuck me now but I asked her to wait for some more time. I then took her to bedroom and asked for some chocolate and ice-cream. i mixed both the chocolate and ice-cream and applied on her pussy and my dick. and then we went on 69 position and we continued for about 15 mins and i came in her mouth and she drank all my cum we laid in that position for some time and she stood and asked for more.

I laid near her and started finger fucking her she was enjoying it and moved her hips back and forth. now my dick was full erect and was ready to tear any wall now she asked me to fuck her. Again i asked her to wait and now she said she don’t want to wait and want it inside her. I asked her to take my tool in her mouth and I asked her to give me best blowjob she could give she took my tool in her hand started taking it her mouth firstly it about 75% in her mouth and the i asked her to take more in her. and then the took whole in her mouth.

He sucked it real hard and while doing so she played with my balls. I held her head and was moving back and forth. I came into her mouth and she licked it all now she was waiting for my dick to erect again and till then i started kissing her lips and boobs and finger fucked her pussy as well as ass. she was enjoying every bit of finger fuck. she then took my tool again in her mouth s she could not wait for longer time and my dick was hard again as rock.

Now i put my penis on mouth of her pussy and applied some force but it was tight. she said its paining but she want it inside her anyhow. it was slippery and i applied some more force and it was inside her pussy. she was in pain and asked me to take out as it was big and thick. i gave a kiss on her lips and started moving back and forth and now she started enjoying it. i increased my speed bit more and she was enjoying each and every motion of our fucking session.

Now she said she want on top of me and i took her on top and she started jumping on me very hard and it was paining but i was full of fun. she was moving up and down and moaning and she was saying ” u r my husband now, that basted left me here alone for you am all your, fuck me hard and hard and tear my choot and give me pain and pleasure.” i was in full joy and mood and stopped now and she was now tired jumping on me and laid on me and i asked her lets go to bathtub and finish it of there.

She agreed and now we were in water and i inserted my dick in her pussy and applied force. it went in her and now it was my turn to show my force. I applied more force and I started fucking hard and we both were enjoying it and my thrust increased and I could see her ass shake with my every stroke. It turned me on more and more and I squeezed her ass as and when I saw the ass cheeks shaking. Within 15 minutes I came inside her. Then I laid on her in water and we both hold each other tight and laid there for some time.

Then we took shower and went to bedroom naked and slept in each other’s arm that night i fucked her 6 times till morning and then we slept and got up and went to office. We used to fuck everyday for 2 times and now her husband came to India and she is continuing her with but whenever we get time we enjoy with each other in office or at her home or at mine.

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