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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Real Sex Story

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Hi well come to the best sex stories blog here I came to know many of the hidden desire of all human having desire to have sexual relation with their own blood relations . Here I am going to narrate the true incidence of mine to relief my mental pressure because I can’t reveal this to anyone his is the site to share my incidence without revealing my identity. Let me I introduce myself without revealing my and family true Identity I have come from a orthodox joint family to my grandparent they have 7 children eldest one is daughter to follow my father then my uncle and then 5 daughter. we are 21 grand children I am 4th in the row elder are my 2 cousin brother and 1 cousin sister all are younger to me .
When I was 8 to 9 year my aunty (my father’s younger sister) who was unmarried at that time. She had sexual relation with we used to sleep together on a single bed because I was the only male child in my family I am pet of everyone and she used to put my hand in her pussy which was hairy and I used to rub it. In mean time I was taken a Private tuition sir used to come my house I have a study room where I used to study. My tuition sir used to put my hand in his Lund and ask me to rub it and I used to masturbate for him and he release white thick sticky fluid latter I came to know as semen. Later I was ass fucked by my two elder brothers and my two neighbor and my uncle who had married my aunty.
When I was 18 I have sexual thought to my mother who is beautiful slim and my sister who is 2 year younger to me and succeed to fuck my real sister . she was 15 year old at that time she fall in love with a guy and she told me that she was in love with guy and used to describe all the incidence occurs between them and in excitement I used press her boobs and later used to dry fuck her and later I really fucked her and at 21 year . I in the mean time got a job and came far from my home I got a chance to fuck my sister. Here let me describe for you all I was working in a
Diagnostic center in Bhubaneswar and I got a call from my parents that they are going out of station for 5 days and I got this is the real time to fuck my sister and I was really horny and my sister was staying in my maternal grandmothers house which is nearer to our because my sister have exam I took a 3 days leave from my office and came to my house I inform my sister that I am coming tomorrow morning . I got my house key from my aunt’s house and stayed that night in my house with some of my friend and have a small party that night with drinks and watched adult movies.
In the morning all of my friends left to their home and at 9 am my sister arrived with here scotty and asked her would she like to watch the adult movies in shy she asked no but after some insists she say yes I was in heaven and we watched the movie I slowly touched her thigh and caressed her she was really excited at that time and all of sudden she kissed my lip which was first time after all we fucked many of time but she had never kissed me on my lip after that I asked her to move in 69 position at that time
I was not aware of 69 position but were I got this idea I really wonder today later I knew it is called 69 position she got up in me and I licked her pussy and she sucked my Lund she was discomfort able with this position because she did not want to take it in her mouth but I liked to lick pussy the aroma coming from it. I got up her and licked her pussy for 5 min and slowly strat to fuck her and fucked her less than five min and cummed outside her pussy and fucked her in the evening and never cummed inside her pussy also before leaving to my grand parents house and next day I fucked her 2 more time and left for my job. Then after 2 year I got a news that she was going to marry within 7 days and she got married and have son who is now 5 year after marriage I have never fucked her but still I have the desire to fuck her because I am now experience still waiting to have her in my bed once more.

I was working in a diagnostic center after that I got a chance to work in a reputed Hospital with the help of my Pathologist who was a beautiful female I was after her but can’t got her. I rented a house nearer to the Hospital with the help of my colic where I came to see the house and got to see a beautiful married lady caring a baby and asked her about the house and called her husband and he showed me the house which was single room with attached bath room there I have him the security of the house and before leaving he asked me that I can stay there after 3 days because I need to paint.
The house was such way that my room is inside their house and facing their dining room . After 3 days I came with my language and another roommate at that time we have forgot to bring the broom and my roommate asked me to ask for broom from our house owner’s wife I came to ask for and left from their house without asking her because I did not know what to call her aunty or sister-inlaw I came back and asked my roommate what should I call her he asked me to call her sister-in-law (Bhabi) again I came to their house and her without calling her asked her can I rent their broom for while with a smile she gave me.
After one day I came to know that she had 2 sons the elder one is 13year and younger one is 11 year . I can’t believe it and thought that the baby carried by her at that time was her baby but it was her sister-in-law baby . I thought that my house owner have married second time but it was not true she was his 1st wife and the sons are his own sons. Beside my room there was also a tented who was married and like to have deliver at any time .
One day my house owner asked me to come to their house and asked me to do some blood test of her wife because she was not felling well. I asked him that tomorrow we will do the test. I got all the need for the test and got to their bed room and asked her to show her hand and she was afraid and did not show me the hand after some request she showed her hand and in the mean time while drawing the blood I touched her boobs showing that I can’t find the vain to collect blood.
She got a shock and withdraw her hand and after which I got pale in shame and draw the sample and got the report ready and can’t face my bahbi for the morning incident. After that I got acquainted with bhabi she used to ask me did I have any girlfriend I said no but she did not believe me because I have a handsome figure with tall in height very fair in colure . I the mean time I side roommate’s wife gone to Hospital for deliver at that time I was not there and my Bhabi was also not there after I got home I came to know that she had admitted in the Hospital for labor pain and
Doctors have said that the delivery would to tonight and after my house owner came there they also came to know about it my bhabi became excited and aksed me to accompany her to the Hospital and my roommate have gone to his home ,because I was working in the same Hospital which was walk able distant means not far than 20 meter. We got there and used to talk all adult thing like how baby born and how female got pregnant. In this short time of stay at their house we come closer my mother used send homemade pickles for me and she loves that pickles made my mom and asks me to ask my mom to send more. In that night all of sudden my world changed.
After the delivery we came to our house which was early in mooring means 4 am and my house owner came to the hospital and hand over the key of the main gate and asked us to go to the home and take rest. There after we came home and before changing cloths she came to my room to asking for the pickles I asked her to come in the mooring but she refused and forcefully came to my room and searched for the pickle which I have kept it in the upper self she reached there I came behind and got her at that time I have got a hard on which was pushing it to her ass and
I brought her down and she hugged me tightly and asked me put the light off and I obey her order and came near her and I opened her blouse and sucked her nipple I thought she might have wear a bra but to my surprise she even not weared a bra and panty also. I sucked her nipple and in excitement I did not get the pussy hole I have already missed 3 time and at last she guided my prick and fucked her less than 3 min this is my first time I have fucked a lady and cummed inside her I was really thrilled, and still I continued to fuck her to know more about I how where fucked her please forward me at akkakathalan@yahoo.com . This is my first story please be soft with me and encourage me to write more

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